Friday, February 20, 2015

Welcome To My Blog

Hello everybody, let me to introduce my self my name is katerine lestari permai. I'm from argentinas and i'm 17 years old. My hobies are playing basket ball and sleeping all days. Actually, i don't have many friends, i don't know why they avoid me and never ask me to play with them. When i asked them, the ignore me. That's why now i created this blog, i just want to share my story in this site.

I hope you want to be my friends here, and we can share about out story here.

There are many things in the world want i share to you, but the most important one for me is windows. i don't know why, but i really falling in love with windows xp,7, 8.1 and the latest edition 10. I have tried all of them, start from xp service pack 2 till the newer. My Computer (PC) is my best faithful friend. I love to modified operating system to have new interface, or just change the basic icon.

For notice this blog just created for sharing media especially in windows, so if you want to talk to me, and share your knowledge, feel free to contact me.

Sometimes i thinks about bill gates, he really wonderfull one. He created a product, then brand it by microsoft name and now he just needed enjoy his life. I have a dream to be like him, but sometimes i know it just a dream. Please give some advice buddy, i really want to be like bill gates.

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