Sunday, June 14, 2015

Windows Xp Black Edition and lite 2015

There are a lot of windows out of there, one of the most popular one is Windows Xp Black Edition and lite 2015. This one become mainstream os, cause has been download by million people in Internet. Xp is one of the most legend windows, why i said like that? cause the first os that published by Microsoft and has been used by a lot of user is this one. If you never tried this os then you should try in this link, there are a lot of windows that can be downloaded and the best one you can choose the original os or untouched edition or the modified one.

Xp Black Edition 2015

No argue when i talked about this one, it become out of the box design in the released and what make it more spectacular cause this one not Microsoft official publish, it just create by some windows lover who modified in purpose make it become more faster, stable, reliable and more interesting by new interface and design.  The mian colour that used is black like the brand of the edition. Make sure to get this edition as soon as you can.

Windows Xp Lite Edition Fastest

Lite edition mean compressed files. Normally size of this windows up to 700mb but in lite edition you only download about 100mb. Did you get the fake one? absolutely not, everything is same no modified, no added file, no remove programs that why lite edition become popular among windows lovers. Don't ask me about technically cause i'm swear i never know it. LOL. It's all up to you to choose which one more do you like, but i will recomended black edition, but if you love the basic one then try this.

Don't admit that you are the lovers one if you never used Xp, you should feel how this os only use your RAM up to 250mb, if you compare with windows 8.1, or seven they used your RAM up to 1 GB. This one become my favourite one till today. You can read about this article windows 7 Ultimate to compare amongst of them.

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